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Tuesday, November 28, 2000 Volume 66, Issue 69



Album Review: Everclear

When musicians release a new album, there is a showcase of progress in their music. The music and lyrics combined portray a reinvention of their work.

MFAH screens a great list of films in December

Museum of Fine Arts of Houston is presenting an interesting list of films for December. 

Album Review: Lahna Turner

Blatant stupidity has a new face: Lahna Turner. 

Album Review: Nine Inch Nails

The obsessive gothic kid who helped lead industrial into the spotlight is back again with another album. The Fragile has had its time -- now we can listen to Things Falling Apart.

Drive, cook like a freak

With Drive Like a Moron, found at, you, too, can drive like a moron. This site gives tips on every aspect of the road. The General Driving Rules suggest that "when driving at a slower speed, (you should) stay in the left-most lane," and "you always have the right of way."

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