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Everclear offers a variety of sounds


Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude
Capitol Records


By Rattaya Nimibutr
Daily Cougar Staff

When musicians release a new album, there is a showcase of progress in their music. The music and lyrics combined portray a reinvention of their work.

Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude, radio-friendly Everclear's second installment in its Songs from an American Movie, offers music that shows clearly this band's reinvention of itself since its first album, Sparkle and Fade.

The three members of Everclear, consisting of lead singer and guitarist Art Alexakis, Craig Montoya on bass and vocals and Greg Eklund on drums and vocals, emerged into the music scene with the attractive rock track "Santa Monica."

Progressing far from being another one-hit wonder, the band released So Much for the Afterglow, offering the hits "I Will Buy You a New Life" and "Father of Mine."

This album, however, had offered a change in the band's sounds. It was no longer a hard-rocker like the first album. The music had become a bit more poppy and more radio-friendly.

Frank Ockenfels/ Capitol Records

Everclear releases an album of pop, hard rock and mellow sounds in the second installment of Songs From An American Movie titled Vol. Two: Good Time For A Bad Attitude.

And that was the ingredient Everclear needed to stay afloat. Some might say it sold out, but the success brought its members to the realization that maybe they were better with the poppy sounds than the hard rock anthem.

Soon after the release of Vol. One: Learning How to Smile, the first installment of Songs, Everclear stayed true to the pop sounds that people were associating it with. Gladly, it worked.

Now comes the second set, and Everclear is offering more than those pop sounds. The band is trying to put its hard rock edge back and with the two different styles of music, the album works well.

When listening to the album it seems that the band introduces its work with the cutesy pop sounds, merging toward hard rock in the middle and finally ending the album with mellow soft rock. This variation is done very well and makes the album enjoyable.

"When It All Goes Wrong Again" starts off the album. This track sounds much like "Father of Mine" with the same focus on rhyming and making the words clear. It doesn't have its own unique appeal since most Everclear songs sound like this one.

"Slide" follows with a complete turnaround in the sound. This track is your normal rock music, with typical lyrics and regular tunes. The following track remains the same with the rock sound in "Babytalk."

Everclear does another turnaround with the next track, "Rock Star," putting all of its energy to hard rock. The synthesized riffs are loud and obnoxious, but with decent lyrics, that make an overall mediocre track.

"Short Blonde Hair" slows down the guitar riffs a bit, but still stick to the rock sound. "Misery Whip" then bounces back to hard rock.

Next the band simmers down its riffs and mellows out the sounds with "Out of My Depth." The slow and overwhelming track here showcases the true nature of Everclear's talents. This is where the band shines.

"The Good Witch of the North" continues the mellow rock sounds, and this track may well be the best one. The momentum of the rhythms and its innovative lyrics further enhance this display of the band's talents.

"Halloween Americana" is an instrumental track that doesn't shine all too well. While it is another variety included in this album, it doesn't have the effect of the two previous tracks.

The only song that gives them the parental advisory sticker is the next track, "All F**ked Up," where the only good part is the beginning. The blended music starts off rather amusing, but declines afterward.

The last two songs "Overwhelming" and "Song from an American Movie pt. 2" rides on a mixture of the generic pop rock and normal rock music. These aren't as outstanding as others, but the lyrics here are interesting.

Everclear's new album has the variety that most bands do not dare to try. With its offer of hard rock, pop and mellow sounds, Everclear succeeds in entertaining all.

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