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Drive, cook like a freak

By Kristin Buchanan
Daily Cougar Staff

This holiday season, most people will be spending a lot of time either driving from place to place or preparing for the Christmas feast.

Drivers tend to get frustrated at other drivers who cut them off, drive too slow or do other stupid things. Instead of complaining, how about joining the brainless mob?

With Drive Like a Moron, found at members.aol.com/doggiesnot/, you, too, can drive like a moron. This site gives tips on every aspect of the road. The General Driving Rules suggest that "when driving at a slower speed, (you should) stay in the left-most lane," and "you always have the right of way."

The Driving in Inclement Weather section says, "If conditions are anything but dry, always tailgate," and "Slam on your brakes to see how slippery the snow, rain or ice is."

For those seeking perfect recipes for this Christmas, look no further: All Recipes , located at www.allrecipes.com, has got you covered. In case games and crafts aren't on the agenda for the leftovers, you can make Turkey Tetrazzini, Turkey Pot Pie or Turkey Burritos with the leftover bird.

This site contains all the recipes one could need for a good Christmas dinner. For beginners, there are tips for how to cook and carve a turkey, and how to cook a pumpkin.

An added bonus for All Recipes is the grading system of a possible five stars for all the recipes.

For the vegetarian, All Recipes offers a four-star Tofu Turkey recipe. Those seeking a non-traditional Christmas dinner can make the five-star Homemade Chicken a la King with the four-star Fried Pumpkin on the side.

There is an abundance of desserts on this site as well. My personal recommendation is the White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookies that earned five stars, as well as my family's seal of approval.

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