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Tuesday, January 23, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 80



Talent in'The Gift' features ensemble cast, writers and director

With a good director, a well-done story line and an all-star cast, The Gift should be considered a must-see film. And although the story may seem to get just a little thin, The Gift meets and exceeds its expectations.

Jack's back as a detective in 'The Pledge'

Every few years, Jack Nicholson takes a break from his cartoonish, over-the-top persona to give a film performance that reminds us why he is still one of our greatest actors. One of those performances is in his latest collaboration with director Sean Penn, The Pledge

'Fiddler on the Roof' opens at Jones Hall 

The universal theme of family values has been prevalent in societyis media since the dawn of time. The concept of family values is at the core of every communal infrastructure that is based on kindred relationships. 

Sports and entertainment: a good idea in theory, but not in actuality

The fusion between entertainment and sports is an interesting one, to say the least. The trend hit full stride in the early 1980s when the likes of Walt Frazier and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar took a break from the basketball court to appear in films.

Rapper Jay-Z's protégé, Memphis Bleek, still coming of age on 'The Understanding'

Jay-Z, whom many consider the greatest living emcee, has made a name for himself as a ghetto poet -- someone willing to tell true-to-life street narratives without holding back.

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