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Upstart football league a mess; not success

Eye on the XFL

Ed De La Garza

If you judge the Extreme Football League solely on the product Vince McMahon and NBC are selling -- a different brand of football -- the debut weekend for the upstart league was a failure.

McMahon and company stressed the importance of putting the fans first. Itis a commendable notion. And the fans in attendance certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves -- if not the action on the field, then at least the action they were getting from the XFL cheerleaders. But how much are the "extras" worth when they can get more exciting football in the Arena League?

Itis been labeled a novelty and will remain as such until (if ever) the players get over their jitters. For many, it was their chance to show their wares to any possible NFL talent scouts in the crowd. Others were simply playing for their parents or to mug for the cameras.

One thingis for sure: The things that didnit work far outnumbered what did. First, interviewing athletes during a game is a mistake. The producers may have been hoping for a charismatic figure like The Rock to emerge from the sideline.

Vince McMahon, part owner of the fledgling XFL football league, looks over his joint venture with NBC. The XFL is televised on NBC on Saturday nights and on UPN and TNN on Sundays.

Nick Cardallichio/
Titan Sports

That didnit happen. Instead, you got the usual athlete response: "I threw the ball. He caught it." Thatis great and all, but you donit need to take the players out of their "zone" to get that gem.

Also, how do you call a play with a player named "He Got Game?" He Got Game catches a perfect spiral from Chuckwagon but oh -- thereis No Limit to make the tackle.

But there were some positives. Interesting camera angles got viewers close to the action. The only problem with that was the play would be over by the time the crew cut back to the right angle.

And yes, it gives those who love football something to watch before the NFLis Hall of Fame game. And for UH fans, Adriano Belli and Chuck Clements of the Las Vegas Outlaws may emerge as stars.


Eastern Division

Orlando, 1-0

Chicago, 0-1

Birmingham, 0-1

New York/New Jersey, 0-1

Western Division

Memphis, 1-0

Las Vegas, 1-0

San Francisco, 1-0

Los Angeles, 0-1

Game of the Week

After trailing for much of the game, the Los Angeles Xtreme finally took the lead and threatened to put a damper on the San Francisco Demonsi home opener. One-time John Elway-heir-apparent Tommy Maddox finally led the Xtreme on a touchdown drive in the fourth quarter. A field goal gave the Xtreme a late 13-12 lead.

But with time expiring (after a bad decision to run the ball on third-down with less than 25 seconds remaining and no timeouts), Demons kicker Mike Panasuk nailed a 33-yarder to give the home team a 15-13 win.

The final gun

This is just a programming note. NBS broadcasts two games nationally every Saturday. Sundayis games are broadcast on UPN and The National Network. You know, TNN has pop.

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