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‘Sweet Novemberi features Enya, others

Various Artists

Music from the Motion Picture: Sweet November
Reprise Records

**1/2 (out of 5)

Kristin Buchanan
Daily Cougar Staff

The last time actors Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron shared the silver screen in The Devilis Advocate; Beelzebub himself thwarted their relationship.

The two are reunited again in Sweet November, but only under slightly better circumstances this time. Their relationship has one major problem: it can only last for a month.

The soundtrack to this guaranteed tearjerker features an eclectic array of artists including Enya, Barenaked Ladies, Robbie Williams and Bobby Darin.

Enyais "Only Time," is a hypnotic and ambient tune about the continuity of time. Music from the Motion Picture: Sweet November includes a bonus CD-ROM video of this track that shows Enya walking through a house.

Different scenes in this video feature falling rose petals, rain, leaves and snow that symbolize the changing of seasons. Other scenes show an hourglass and falling sand enveloping the scenery, symbolizing the inevitability of time.

The best song on the soundtrack is "Heart Door" by Grammy-winning artists Paula Cole and Dolly Parton. The delicate vocals are wonderfully harmonized and blended with flawless balance. Acoustic instruments accompany the duet, resulting in a beautifully subtle and sweet song about self-discovery in the midst of a difficult relationship.

The true tragedy of Sweet November is not in the storyline. Itis in the lack of quality in the rest of the soundtrack.

Songs on this album from popular artists Stevie Nicks, k.d. lang, Barenaked Ladies and Robbie Williams are, unfortunately, not among their better efforts.

In spite of the layers of techno soundbites, listeners might find themselves disoriented by the woozy, sedated atmosphere in k.d. langis "The Consequences of Falling." In the remix by Lenny B., lang slurs the words, "Are you breathing what Iim breathing/ Are your wishes the same as mine."

"Off the Hook" by Barenaked Ladies fails to establish a good musical hook. This song begins with a good drum loop, but the rest of the song becomes flimsy, with nasal vocals and a whiny melody.

The song includes weak lyrics such as, "All around the room your things are placed/ And next to you he fills the space/ And so it seems to you your saving grace is only saving face."

The album takes a turn for the retro with Robbie Williamsi "Rock DJ." Williamsi annoying rap, accompanied by perky backup vocals, is solid proof that some disco music is just not good.

In spite of a mostly bad compilation of tracks, Music from the Motion Picture: Sweet November redeems itself in the last song, "The Other Half of Me" by Bobby Darin. This classic song is reminiscent of the days when romance was real and men won womenis hearts by crooning love songs.

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