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Lopez, McConaughey star in romantic-comedy flop

The Wedding Planner

** and a half stars
Rated: PG-13

Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey

By Gerinomo Rodriguez
Daily Cougar Staff

Who would have thought that two of Hollywoodis most attractive young stars could generate genuine chemistry? This question may seem sarcastic, but believe it or not, this plan has been known to fail.

Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleckis Forces Of Nature dwindled when their chemistry didnit pull in audiences.

Just this year, Penelope Cruz and Matt Damon disappointed many when their relationship in All The Pretty Horses seemed to be left on the cutting room floor.

But Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaugheyis chemistry in The Wedding Planner is both believable and enjoyable. The idea of pairing them together, and the situation theyire found in is not too different from what is seen in most romantic-comedy films, but the idea entertains enough in this film.

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Actress/singer/dancer, Jennifer Lopez stars in The Wedding Planner opposite Matthew McConaghey. The Triple Threat also recently released her second album, J. Lo last month.

In The Wedding Planner, Mary Fiore (Lopez) is an ambitious single "wedding planner" who finds what sheis been missing when Steve Edison (McConaughey) comes to her rescue one day to save her shoe.

Incidentally, Steve is the fiancé of Maryis most important client at the time. The film follows Mary and Steve as they struggle to take a chance for once in their predictable and stable lives.

Itis entertaining to watch the pair, especially in some of the more significant scenes. While Lopez shows she can warm an audience without making them blush at the same time, McConaughey lends the film his natural charm.

Their chemistry carries the film well until itis time to end the story.

As the climax approaches and resolves, the film becomes a mediocre success. The filmmakersi apparent rush to end the film causes the dialogue and storyline to suffer.

And although the chemistry between the two characters is still present at the end, the filmmakersi sloppy work comes through.

The bottom line for The Wedding Planner is that the film has been at the top of the box office list for the past two weeks, and it wouldnit be a surprise to see it stay up there for a while.

Lopez and McConaugheyis relationship makes the film enjoyable and worthwhile, but the filmmaking fails to overwhelm audiences with memorable moments.

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