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Wednesday, February 14, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 96



The Wrestling Report

So the World Wrestling Federation is the greatest wrestling organization today, right?

Napster might survive Monday's court ruling

While a federal judge's ruling Monday against Napster, Inc. was expected by most legal experts, there is still a chance the music-swapping Internet service might ultimately win out, a UH expert on intellectual property laws said.

Deranged doctor returns in 'Hannibal'

It seems that Ridley Scottis latest work, Hannibal, focuses more on what an insane mind does than why it does it. 

Rock band dusts off classics for debut

If taking the defining characteristics of similar famous rock bands to create another potentially reputable band is what it takes to make it these days in the mainstream of radio and rock 'n' roll, then Dust For Life has definitely made it.

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