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WCW wants ‘Revengei on Sunday

The Wrestling Report

Ed De La Garza

So the World Wrestling Federation is the greatest wrestling organization today, right?

If its champion, Kurt Angle, is so great, why is he being dumped in a useless angle involving Essa Rios, Raven and the Big Show? It couldnit mean heis about to drop the belt to Rocky at No Way Out, does it?

While the WWF may get the bigger "pop," aside from the debut of Justin Credible, the company didnit offer anything new. Itis clear who the top guys are. Itis also clear Angle canit carry the company.

Super Sunday

World Championship Wrestling prepares its last pay-per-view until mid-May when Superbrawl Revenge (7 p.m., Sunday) hits the small screen. All angles may be scrapped when Fusient finally takes over and the companyis shut down for roughly six weeks. While this may be a transitional PPV, it looks decent on paper.

World Title: Scott Steiner (champion) vs. Kevin Nash

There was a time when Nash could put on a decent, if not great, match. But those days are long gone. Steineris reign has been a success (maybe not in the ratings). Itis restored some of the luster that was worn off when Vince Russo was throwing it around like a hot potato. Prediction: Steiner.

For the Commissionership: The Cat (commissioner) vs. Lance Storm

So the WCW Commissionership has usurped all titles. If youire commissioner, you can book matches involving the World Champion. The only difference is the winner doesnit get a belt. Prediction: Storm.

Tag Team Titles: Sean OiHaire and Chuck Palumbo (champions) vs. Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak

The future of the company will be wrestling for the Tag Titles. This should be a good match, as the former Natural Born Thrillers will be wrestling to determine who carried whom. Prediction: OiHaire and Palumbo.

United States Title: Rick Steiner (champion) vs. Dustin Rhodes

Neither of these two is great in the ring, but they are solid. The "boring" chants will start early if Dusty Rhodes doesnit make an appearance. Choosing the winner is like choosing between being buried alive or drowning. Prediction: Shane Douglas … oh,wait -- Steiner broke his arm in a match.

Cruiserweight Title: Chavo Guerrero (champion) vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Remember when Mysterio used to be the little guy everybody cheered for because you felt sorry for him when he was wrestling guys like Nash or the Giant? This is not the same Mysterio. Prediction: It better be Guerrero.

The rest of the card

Jeff Jarrett will face Diamond Dallas Page. This feud picked up steam when Kanyon made his long-awaited return on the Feb. 5 Nitro. One of the funniest bits from last year was having Kanyon execute the Diamondcutter on unsuspecting people backstage. This one wonit end cleanly. Prediction: Jarrett, with help from Kanyon.

Also, Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell will match up against Kronik. Kronik should win in a squash match. But, clearly, the road back to prosperity goes through Luger and Bagwell. Prediction: The fans.

Rounding out the card will be a six-way cruiserweight match to determine the No. 1 contender for the title and a Hugh Morrus vs. The Wall confrontation.

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