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Cougar softball victorious

By Laura Repp
Daily Cougar Staff

Most people wouldnit think that the Baseball USA Complex in Katy is considered home to the UH womenis softball team, but the Lady Cougars christened it well.

After a long drive on Tuesday, the Cougars broke in their stadium with a smashing 6-1 victory over Texas Southern.

Freshman pitcher Ali McDougall led the mound for the duration of the game, shutting out TSU as it clipped grounders and pop-flies off the underhand. McDougall pitched her first Division I win.

"Ali did a good job," UH softball head coach Kyla Holas said. "She found a way to win."

The only hit in the first inning came from freshman third base Lindsay Durham. She cracked a triple, but no runs were scored.

Rich R. Risma/The Daily Cougar

Freshman pitcher Ali McDougal winds up to whip one past Texas Southern in the Lady Cougarsi home opener Tuesday. UH topped the Lady Tigers, 6-1.

"Although we won, we were a little over-anxious and played down to the level of TSU," Durham said.

The match-up reached the second inning before the Cougars got on the board.

Freshman catcher Arelis Ferreris slammed one out of the park, scoring the only home run of the game. The hammer over center field was Ferrerisi third this season and the fourth in the first year of the Lady Cougar program.

The third inning was quiet, but the fourth inning brought cheering and five runs to the board for the Cougars.

Freshman center fielder Candis Turnbo had two single hits for Lady Cougarsi runs.

Ferreris ran across the plate for the second time and junior left fielder Riane Netardus scooted across for a run.

Sophomore utility Brandy Sanders cracked a double and junior Tracy Wisdom, playing second base, summed up the Cougarsi offense with a single hit.

The fifth and sixth innings were as silent as TSUis bench, with no hits or runs.

"By far, our worst performance," Holas said. "But it was a learning experience."

The last run came from TSU in the seventh inning off an error by the Lady Cougars. Texas Southernis D. Davidson, playing third base, ran across the plate on a grounder from first base player S. Hoover.

"We know we can win if we always play up to our level the entire game," sophomore catcher Keri Kubala said.

"We just have to make sure that (the Lady Cougars) know we have to get better," Holas said.

Softball fans can catch more field action today at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Baseball USA when the Lady Cougars face off with the Lady Longhorns of Texas in a double-header.

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