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Monday, February 19, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 99



Geography major will be offered at UHCL, not UH

A group of students made their case for the reactivation of a geography major program before the UH System Board of Regents Thursday, but were told that, despite "a compelling presentation," it was unlikely to take place.

No decision yet on Robertson complaint

A decision has yet to be made by the Student Government Association Election Commission regarding the complaint filed by UH United campaign manager Jenn Blackwood against SGA President James Robertson Jr.

Faculty Senate president outlines goals for term

The new UH Faculty Senate president has a busy year planned for himself and the Faculty Senate.

2001 SGA candidate list released

Fifty-nine students have filed applications in this year's Student Government Association elections.


Friday's front-page article "Smith outlines legislative goals" was incorrectly credited to George W. Bush. In fact, Senior Staff Writer Ken Fountain -- not our president -- wrote the article.

The Daily Cougar regrets the error.

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