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2001 SGA candidate list released

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Fifty-nine students have filed applications in this year's Student Government Association elections.

Only two parties and a handful of independent candidates will be running in this election. In the last election, four parties had filed applications.

Among this year's candidates are SGA President James Robertson Jr., who will seek a second term in office, and former Honors College Sen. Bill Kelly, running for president on the UH United Party.

Kelly's party lists 18 candidates, while Robertson's, which is apparently unnamed, lists 34. Seven independent candidates are seeking seats in the student Senate.

The candidates are:

Robertson's party: James Robertson Jr., president; Brandon Butler, vice president; Faisal Zahed, student regent; Joel R. Kelly, Technology 1; Katherine "Kat" Yin, Technology 2; Melody K. Gerard, Business 1; George Keith Siglar Jr., Business 2; Jeff Hill, Business 3; Bret Liberator, Business 4; Kisch Godet, Business 5; and Chalon Clark, Honors College.

Also on the ticket are: Dimple Pajwani, Engineering 1; Diana Ramirez, Engineering 2; Autumn Lind, Optometry; Paul Kim, Law; K. Walker, Education 1; Justin "JP" Penny, Education 2; Martin Ostermann, Hotel and Restaurant Management; Rachel M. Hemphill, Social Work; Bruce Hoffman, Pharmacy; LaTosha J. Wallace, Architecture; Teneshia Eleby, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 1; Victoria Gonzalez, CLASS 2; April D. Spreeman, CLASS 3; Craig Stewart, CLASS 4; Wendy M. Miller, CLASS 5; and Shelly L. Keys, CLASS 6.

Rounding out the list are: Dawana Miller, Natural Sciences and Mathematics 1; Jimmie Thomas, NSM 2; Constance Tenorio, NSM 3; Willie Moore, At-large 1; Melissa A. Sanchez, At-large 2; Shelbi Pullen, At-large 3; and Alysia Ferrell, At-large 4.

UH United Party: Bill Kelly, president; Julie Glasco, vice president; Steve Jackson, student regent; Dave Armendariz, Business 1; John Grace, Business 3; Robert Klementich, Business 5; Nic Stoffle, Humanities, Fine Arts and Communication 1; Sean Frye, HFAC 2; Greg Richard, HFAC 3; and Allison Brown, HFAC 4.

Also on the UH United ticket are: Dave Edmonson, Social Sciences 1; Lachardra McBride, SS 2; Rick Kersten, NSM 1; Alex Varkey, NSM 2; Briana Bassler, Honors College; Dena Cook, Technology; Vanessa Flores, At-large 1; and Kevin Hinrichs, At-large 2.

Independent candidates: Guillermo Bustos Gonzalez, NSM; Matthew Eric Caster, Engineering; John Cochrane, Honors College; Christopher W. Foster, CLASS; Sharifa N. Glass, NSM; and Anamichelle Lopez, Technology.

Elections for all seats will be held Feb. 28 and March 1. A debate between the presidential candidates, sponsored by The Daily Cougar, will be held at 6 p.m. Feb. 26 in the University Center Underground's World Affairs Lounge.

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