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Wednesday, August 22, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 1


Local band survives its line-up and name change to produce hard rock

Self-described in a humorous manner as "hard-hitting Brit rock from the streets of H-town," The Colour Clear, known as Fail since late 1997, is climbing the business ladder of
musical success as a local Houston band. 

New angles, old favorites return WWF to former glory

Suddenly it's fun to be a wrestling fan again. World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling exist in name only. The World Wrestling Federation has a
virtual monopoly in the business.

Ruggles Grill tantilizes with satisfying dishes

UH will be receiving a change of scenery in the next weeks with the installation of new signs and maps, designed to make navigation on campus easier. 

Favorites return with fall albums

The summer of 2001 wasn't the greatest season for music. After suffering through a rough 2000, the music industry took caution in both promoting and distributing its products in
the 21st century.

America's pastime showcased for fall

The smoke is clearing from the summer blockbuster season. Now it's time for the studios to empty their chambers and release films that would have been smothered during the previous months.

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