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Local band survives its line-up and name change to produce hard rock

By Shiley Carter
Daily Cougar Staff

Self-described in a humorous manner as "hard-hitting Brit rock from the streets of H-town," The Colour Clear, known as Fail since late 1997, is climbing the business ladder of
musical success as a local Houston band. 

The name change from Fail to The Colour Clear is a recent adjustment for the unique rock band. 

Formerly known as Fail, local band The Colour Clear is making waves on the Houston scene despite lacking even a demo tape.

With many modifications occurring in the band, including new members since its formation almost four years ago, the final line-up of The Colour Clear felt it was time for a new
reflective title. 

Danny (bassist), alongside Alex (vocals), Gino (guitarist), Tyler (guitarist) and Matt (drums), describes the name change: "My interpretation of The Colour Clear is that our music,
in my opinion, cannot be categorized ... The color clear is like an oxymoron. You don't know what it is. How can a color be clear?"

Often compared to the ever-growing popular band the Deftones, The Colour Clear is working on changing its sound, as well as its name. 

Believed by many fans to have grown and matured both individually and as a band, The Colour Clear is now choosing to focus on a more melodic style of music. Though it has
not yet released a full-length CD or even a demo, it has a huge fan base, compared with most local acts. 

When asked how they achieved this popularity without the help of recorded music, they all agreed that they have been wondering the same thing. 

However, they do know that fans who have bootlegged some of the music at their shows and passed them on as .mp3 files were an effective promotion tool. Their Web site is
very extensive and of good quality, and it is apparent that the Internet is a huge help to their efforts to widen their audience.

Though the band claims to be dropping its heavier-style music from the past, The Colour Clear fans require an extra dose of hard-hitting, gut-wrenching, soul-screaming
brutality at regular intervals.

And that is exactly what this band delivers at its shows. Having headlined a show at Cardi's on Aug. 11, The Colour Clear once again shined in the Houston music scene. The
band's performance is always full of fierce energy. 

Its sound ranges from a lovely harmonic taste of sadness to a roaring round of heaviness. Its diversity and various combinations of moods is amazing. 

The melodies it now focuses on are a beautiful mixture of sweet, strumming guitar chords and stingingly sumptuous vocals with lyrics inspired by Jim Carroll.

The Colour Clear is currently attempting to polish its songs so it may head to the studio to begin recording.

To find out more on The Colour Clear, go to, which will soon be changing to

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