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Wednesday, August 22, 2001 Volume 66, Issue 1


Air assault backed by infantry

Losing five of his team's last six games in 2000 was symptomatic of a bigger problem for UH football head coach Dana Dimel. The offense lacked a consistent running game.

Soccer team prepares to sock it to the confrence

The UH soccer team enjoys the distinction of being the only sport played at UH never to suffer a losing season. Head coach Bill Solberg intends to keep it that way.

Defense blends savvy veterans with talented newcomers

Two weeks of practice twice a day under the oppressive August sun coupled with little respect from the polls makes the Cougar defense eager to prove on the field that they are
better than the experts claim.

UH plays host to 2001 C-USA volleyball championships

It's a new school year and a new season for UH women's volleyball. Head coach Bill Walton faces 2001 with a barrage of new recruits and new challenges, as well as the responsibility of playing host to the 2001 Conference USA Tournament, Nov. 15-18.

UH sports renaissance poised fore championships

No special edition of The Daily Cougar sports would be complete without a few words about the man who conceived and executed the plan to transform UH 's athletic arenas into world class facilities and elevate the university's teams back into national contenders.

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