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Wednesday, September 5, 2001 Volume 67, Issue 10


Pictures connect writer to readers

One particular aspect of this column should immediately jump out at you. It should be particularly startling to everyone who regularly reads my column (you folks are the best!). Matthew E. Caster finally has a face to go with the name. And what a handsome face it is, right?

Bureaucratic games deplete UH pride

On Saturday, I went to the football game for the first time in two years as an individual and not part of a larger group. Last year, I was a part of the great Cougar Marching Band, which is an amazing experience, and I attended quite a few more games than the average student. The year before that, I was a member of the Bleacher Creatures, where I learned the meaning of being spirited and getting into the game involved walking in a loud mass through a gate. This year, I was a part of neither.

Online chatters, beware of corprate laws regarding movies

Anyone who has ever gone on the Internet and posted something on a chat board should be afraid. Be very afraid. Be especially afraid if you've bad-mouthed a movie, or done something that could cause the movie industry to lose money. You see, by virtue of a California appellate court's ruling handed down Aug. 8, just about any movie company can
drag you into court in California.

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