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Bureaucratic games deplete UH pride 

Frank Chambers
Guest Columnist

On Saturday, I went to the football game for the first time in two years as an individual and not part of a larger group. Last year, I was a part of the great Cougar Marching Band,
which is an amazing experience, and I attended quite a few more games than the average student. The year before that, I was a member of the Bleacher Creatures, where I
learned the meaning of being spirited and getting into the game involved walking in a loud mass through a gate. This year, I was a part of neither.

As a part of neither, I discovered why it is that student support for football is so small. My first experience of the day was an attempt to park. Although I have already paid $100 for
a parking decal to park in the lot by the Moores School of Music, I was told that I would have to pay an additional $10 to park for the game.

If I wanted to park for free, I would have to drive to a lot that the attendant said was probably full. So we were told to turn around and find somewhere else to park if we were not
going to pay. We entered the parking lot to exit at another opening where we were stopped by another attendant wanting to know what we were doing. Luck being on our side,
the two cute sorority girls in the front seat flirted enough to earn us free parking in that lot.

The next stop was the ticket window. The only thing I can say about this is that I had to wait in a line for 30 minutes (which was short, from what I hear) in order to receive a ticket.
To get into the stadium, I was forced to wait in line again, and then repeat the same process of showing my Cougar 1Card, but this time with a ticket, to get in. It makes no sense.

My next adventure was to enter Robertson Stadium on an extremely wet day with an umbrella. We were warned by other Cougar supporters that they would not let us bring
them into the game and that we would be forced to get wet, so we tried fitting them in my pockets, up our sleeves and finally inside a towel we were carrying.

We got them through, but when we attempted to use them we were told to put them away by a very large man. We were not blocking anyone's view, I don't think we were
distracting the offense and we were staying dry. We were doomed to be drenched.

The last complaint I have is simple. We have the Cougar Band there for a reason: It peps up the crowd, it helps get the team into the game and it does its best to distract the
other team when it has the ball. So why is it that many times during the game, music was played over the stadium speakers the instant the band began playing?

I could have stayed at home Saturday night, given $10 to a homeless guy somewhere and put all my clothes on and stood in the shower with two separate radios playing at the
same time -- I would have had roughly the same experience. 

If the bigwigs at UH want more people to come, they should try to figure out a different way to run things. Something that will bring the whole student body to a game, something
that will fill that stadium up with Cougar pride. Not $10 dollars in parking and an invitation for pneumonia.

I want to be a Cougar and I want to bleed red and white, but if things continue like this, it will become harder and harder.

Frank Chambers, a senior applied
music major, can be reached via

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