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Edge and Christian lose the brotherly love, WCW still part of WWF family

The Wrestling Report

Ed De La Garza

Why, God, why?

First Martin and Lewis, then Sonny and Cher, Michael and Lisa Marie, Tom and Nicole.
And now Edge and Christian. Of all the times for sibling rivalry to rear its ugly head
and split one of the greatest teams in entertainment history, why now? It didn't have to
be. It reeks of total "uncoolness."

There had been rumblings about the brothers parting ways ever since Edge walked
away with the 2001 King of the Ring trophy.

Christian acted just like a proud brother should. He shined Edge's trophy as though it
were his own. He carried it around as though his lone claim to fame was his relation to
his older brother. He always made mistakes while accompanying Edge to the ring.

It was all easily explained by his desire to be just as good as the King of the Ring. But
then the bookers had to insert some tension into the story line. Even then, there was no
need to create an imaginary rift. They were the greatest tag team since, since since
the Fabulous Freebirds.

All hell broke loose Monday.

Edge was beaten down by Christian while defending his Intercontinental Title against
fellow Canadian Lance Storm. Christian nailed his brother with a chair, blasted him with
the King of the Ring trophy and then placed Edge's head on a chair and slammed
another one against his skull. It was as though all the pent-up frustration was finally
allowed to come out.

You couldn't help but feel sorry for Christian. Yeah, he had committed a violent assault
and should have been hauled off to jail if common sense were ever incorporated into
angles, but damn it, Edge deserved it.

He had his wide, ungodly white beaming smile. He had all the catchphrases readily at
his disposal. All his brother could do was take the leftovers. Wrestling groupies are bad
enough, but leftover wrestling groupies? What kind of existence is that? It obviously
wasn't good enough for Christian.

Let that be a lesson to all you winners. Getting the gold, fame, women and money
doesn't give you the right to forget about your little brother. Do that and you too may be
on the receiving end of a Canadian beatdown.

If anything, the fans who were mindlessly booing Christian out of the arena should be
taken to task for cheering on another pretty boy. I'll bet they booed Steve Austin when he
turned heel too. Heck, they probably pop for the Undertaker when he raises his fist in
the air.

Hats off to Christian. Here's hoping the result is a great struggle for the IC belt. That will
so totally reek of "awesomeness."

Letter of the week

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I thought the whole point of buying WCW was for Vince to build it back up and develop
it as its own company. Is it ever going to be separated from the WWF?

Yes, eventually. The plan was to have them separated by now, but WWF fans haven't
taken an immediate liking to the new WCW. It hasn't helped that many of the WCW
diehards have been slow to switch allegiances to the WWF.

There's been some talk about giving either Raw or Smackdown to WCW, but that's
always followed by the phrase "not yet." But long-range plans still have WCW set up on
its own.

But keep in mind that even when that happens, it won't be a truly separate entity. It's still
owned and run by the WWF. It's not real competition. That's why it's called a virtual

And don't forget, Smackdown lays the smack down on Houston next week. The
WWF will invade the Compaq Center on Tuesday. There'll be more opportunities to
heckle Edge for forgetting about his little brother.

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