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SFAC's final report might be ready today

By Ed De La Garza
Daily Cougar Staff

With deliberations concerning how much money student organizations and University departments receive concluded and a draft
report ready for review, a final report from the Student Fees Advisory Committee could come as early as today. The report would then
be presented to UH President Arthur K. Smith and Vice President for Student Affairs Elwyn C. Lee for final approval.

The committee, made up of nine voting members and one ex-officio member (Assistant Vice President for Student Development and
Dean of Students William Munson), began meeting in late Fall 2001. Seven students five selected by the Student Government
Association and two appointed by Smith and two faculty representatives (also appointed by Smith) were charged with allocating
student service fees for the 2002-03 fiscal year.

Because the UH System Board of Regents voted not to increase fees from a set $142 per student enrolled in more than six hours, in a
Dec. 13 memorandum student service fee-funded units, departments and organizations were instructed not to expect an increase in
funds or request funds in excess of what was approved by the previous SFAC.

But some departments, including Athletics and the Student Government Association, did request more than was approved the
previous fiscal year.

"Some units interpret those instructions a little bit differently. Some people are a little restrained in what they ask for," Munson said.
"Others believe their need is so great that they ask for more."

While units may not receive an increase in base allocations, they may receive more funds than were approved last year by submitting
a request for a current one-time allocation (to be expended the current fiscal year), a fiscal year '02-'03 one-time allocation (to be spent
next fiscal year) and a base augmentation (a base allocation, plus a request for additional funds to be spent as itemized in a written
request), Munson said.

Athletics originally requested $3,724,352, but it based that request on inaccurate information. In a corrected request, submitted before
SFAC began deliberations, the department asked for $3,091,678. That amount was still more than the $3,016,252 it received last

During Lee's address to the committee Friday, Ed Tulin, a senior biology major and a student member appointed by the president,
asked the vice president how a reduction in Athletics' base allocated funds would be perceived. The department currently receives 35
percent of student fees.

A decision on SGA's request for $25,000 in immediate funds had not been made yet. The next administration would be left with about
$400 until Sept. 1 if the funds are not approved.

SGA requested $157,797 for the next fiscal year, a nearly 33 percent increase from the $105,933 it asked for last year. The previous
SFAC approved only $95,000 for SGA and placed it on a one-time funding basis until it made improvements. That figure was
increased to $100,656 by Smith when he gave his approval to the 2001 SFAC report.

As noted by Lee during his address to SFAC on Friday, the president rarely disagrees with any recommendations the committee

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