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Partisanship is still alive and doing well

Joshua DeLano

"War is the continuation of politics by other means," Von Klauschwitz said. Partisanship has been a part of American politics for ages.
Whether it was the Federalists, Democrats, Whigs or Republicans, they always seem to bump heads. We can argue all day about
issues but neither will convince the other that there is a "right" way it'll just result in many views destined to collide. 

Why don't we examine some of these notorious examples? For some time now, the liberal Democrats have labeled the Republican
Party as the "white man's party" and said it doesn't care about poor and middle-class Americans. 

Well, what has the Democratic Party done to empower the middle class and minorities? The liberals just want the latter to depend on
them for the duration of their lives. Yet the Republican Party truly wants to help. This can be summed up by the old saying, "Give a
man a fish to eat and he can survive another day, teach him to fish and he can survive for a lifetime." 

Why has our society become one of people with their hands out when it was a Democratic president who coined the famous phrase,
"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"? 

We have groups such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who believe it's all right to blow up a McDonald's or not
allow our firefighters water from a lake nearby while fighting forest fires because some endangered species may be put in danger. 

When did human life become so cheap? How can and do we justify the killing of babies in our country that was founded as "one
nation under God"? Are souls not important? Do we not care for the souls of those who cannot speak for themselves? The Bible tells
us in Psalms that it's an "abomination" and that God hates "hands that shed innocent blood." Yet we aren't supposed to mention God
in our public schools, although we are supposed to just accept and be indoctrinated with other religions. We are supposed to be
apathetic to other religions that may hate Christians. I am partisan and glad to say that I still know who God is and that he is the one in
control of our country. 

This is a country in which less than 10 percent of all crimes involving guns are committed by people who legally own one. Those we
have to fear are the ones who buy a gun off the street. It's impossible to go one day without hearing about an attack on conservatives
by the left by a hypocrite like the "Reverend" Jesse Jackson, Richard Gephart or even Tom Daschle. Why are they hypocrites? That's
easy: One counseled a president regarding his affairs with a woman not his wife. Another was instrumental in bailing out the airline
industry with government help as he coughed at the Republicans for their so-called conspiracy with Enron. Enron contributed heavily
to both the Democratic and Republican parties and was in bed with Al Gore as well as George W. Bush. Where's their share of the

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