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Politics work to 'regulate humanity'

John Moon

Politics is useless. That's right, all you C-SPAN junkies, someone finally said it. Politics has been a mainstay in American culture since
the whole thing began.

Evidently the Constitution gives us a right to participate in political affairs, so maybe that's why politics seems to be everywhere. Maybe
C-SPAN is like the great-granddaddy of reality shows and that's why people watch.

Think about every time you've gone to vote. Have you ever completely believed wholeheartedly in what your candidate had to say?
Probably not. So all this business of politics for the people is pretty much trash. In the political system one usually is forced to choose
the lesser of two evils.

Politics to change people's opinions is also flawed. Al Gore could give me reasons to support abortion all day long and I still wouldn't
agree with it. Come to think of it, I can't remember when a politician has influenced any thought in my head at all. I think most of you
could say the same. The political system tries to regulate humanity, and it is very effective at this. It does very little, however, to change
people's minds when that's what really matters.

All politics does is give people a party to align with. It gives people a way to identify each other, much in the same way people are
turned off by a Republican or Democratic bumper sticker. A political party helps to contribute to our social identities, and not much

The political system gives no way for a person to be bipartisan or to have mixed beliefs on issues such as abortion and the death
penalty. It's all or nothing, so people are forced to pick their battles. Which issue is more important: the death penalty or a tax cut? You
can't have it both ways.

Many think the establishment of new political parties will solve this problem, but isn't that like trying to put out a fire with gasoline? I
know since we don't like political parties, we'll create more of them. Maybe instead we should think of politics in a different light?
Maybe there's no way to get around the fact that you vote for a platform and not for the issues you really believe in.

So people do their best and vote the way their consciences, their minds or their beliefs tell them to, and hope for the best outcome. So
regulate, regulate and regulate and regulate some more, politicians. Keep making policies that only some of your constituency agrees
with. Keep running on broad tickets that don't really reflect anyone's personal beliefs. Keep on keeping on and we'll see if politics and
politicians change anything.

Moon, a sophomore communication
major, can be reached at

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