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It might be 50 degrees outside. It might be windy. It might be cold and gray and generally unpleasant. But nonetheless, today marks
the beginning of that most vaunted of college institutions spring break.

It's coming a little early this year, only a third of the way through the semester, which means some students may feel unready. After all,
a week off is most enticing when it comes at a time when you're absolutely saturated with work.

Of course, most of us have midterms as soon as we get back. But that doesn't mean we have to spend the week studying. Here at UH,
most students also have to work. But that doesn't mean we have to spend the week in drudgery.

You're only in college for a few years. If you're one of the lucky ones who has the week off work as well as school, take advantage of it
and go someplace warm, friendly and full of fruit-flavored alcoholic drinks. Look at girls in bikinis or guys in Speedos whatever your
personal preference may be.

However, being a responsible student newspaper, we have to remind you to be careful. Don't drive drunk. Don't ride in a car with a
drunk driver. Wait and see if your soul mate is really all that cute in daylight. Watch out for yourself.

Even if finances, work, family or some other annoying collection of responsibilities prevents you from going out of town, you can still
have an awesome spring break right here in Houston. We see this city every day, so it's hard for us to remember it's a tourist attraction
for a whole lot of people. 

Go visit the Orange Show or take a gander at downtown's underground tunnels. Take a kid to the Children's Museum of Houston
it's one of the country's best or spend a day at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the fourth most-visited museum in the

Or visit Houston's past with a trip to the Fingers Furniture on I-45 and Cullen Boulevard before the Dome was built, it was Houston's
baseball stadium, and memorabilia are displayed where home plate used to be. 

Become a tourist in your own city for a while. Visit corners of Houston you've never seen this city is so immense that there have to
be some sections of it you're unfamiliar with. Have a good time, and be safe. The Daily Cougar will miss you.

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