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Friday, March 1, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 104



Another war, another unnecessary film

By Heather L. Nicholson
Daily Cougar Staff

If anyone is interested in seeing another war movie this millennium, please raise your hand.

Didn't think so. That hasn't stopped Hollywood from making yet another feel-good flick devoted entirely to patriotism and people's
limbs blown to bits.

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Mel Gibson stars in the new war film We Were Solders.

We Were Soldiers is a 120-minute drama based on the true story of the first battle American troops waged in Vietnam. The book, We
Were Soldiers Once ... And Young, is told from the prospective of two men who actually fought in the month-long battle: U.S.
commander Harold Moore, played by the ticket-selling Mel Gibson, and a reporter named Joseph Galloway, played by Berry Pepper
(Saving Private Ryan).

The story is honorable like most war stories, but enough is enough. Audiences have had to endure tales of the American Revolution,
World War II, Pearl Harbor and the Gulf War.

Like all the movies that precede it, We Were Soldiers has inspiring speeches of bravery and duty. There's also the doe-eyed little girl
asking her daddy about war and the ever-present and gruesome fight scenes that are obviously for shock appeal.

Gibson is the leader in a fight he is destined to lose while taking on a new accent this time, a Southern drawl. 

Madeline Stowe plays Moore's wife, a woman who experiences the dilemmas that arise for the wife of a soldier. From dealing with
families to unwanted telegrams, the role is mildly significant to the story.

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