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Tuesday, March 19, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 111



Iraqi citizenry needs relief

When Americans heard there were a few Palestinians who
celebrated and cheered at the news of the attack on the World
Trade Center, we were outraged beyond belief. We shuddered in
horror and asked ourselves how anyone with a conscience could
act so inhumanely and be so callous.

Promiscuous women should be praised

There is a plethora of pejorative words used to derogatorily refer to
a sexually uninhibited woman. Why are there so many negative
synonyms for a woman whose sexual mores aren't in line with the
Judeo-Christian ideal? Why do we only use pejorative terms to
describe a woman who isn't a fervent practitioner of monogamy?
Why no complimentary terms?

'Spyware' programs can invade privacy without notification

Everybody surfs the Internet. That's a given. Therefore, we can all
probably point out the most pervasive item found there these
days: pop-up ads. 

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