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With UH's Student Government Association election a week away,
there have been numerous questions, comments and complaints
pertaining to recent actions and occurrences concerning the
current SGA committee.

The most recent oddity in the long line of questionable happenings
for SGA was the mess encountered on Friday, the last day for
students to file for candidacy. Apparently, no one from SGA felt it
was necessary to be present to accept applications for the March
26 and 27 election.

While a secretary was present to accept applications, it was not a
requirement for the members of the election committee, namely
John Martinez and Maceo Smedley, to be present. However, one
would think that on the last day for students to turn in
applications, one of the members would be present to answer
questions or attend to the possible candidates.

In other words, a dose of professionalism would have been
appropriate on such a critical day for the SGA.

Should the SGA want to build its credibility and grow as a
successful organization, perhaps the current committee should
work towards improving communication within its members and
especially with the UH student body.

There were no advertisements or flyers reminding students about
Friday's deadline. The only announcements were made on SGA's
Web site. Furthermore, Smedley proclaims that if students were
really concerned with deadlines, "they would have showed up at
some meetings."

The last meeting SGA held was on Feb. 27 -- the same meeting at
which deadlines for applicants were set. Another meeting was
scheduled for March 13, but members of the committee canceled
the gathering via e-mail so that they could attend the women's
basketball game against Rice University.

And according to SGA's Election Code, the general election was to
be held after Feb. 15 and no later than March 15.

On Monday, Fabian Sifuentes, an independent candidate running
for SGA president, filed a complaint against the election
commission. Sifuentes' complaint points out the commission's
shortcomings and errors.

If UH settles for a committee that reeks of mishaps and
incompetence, what is the point in electing leaders who lack the
abilities to lead?

To call the current SGA committee incompetent would be unfair.
But by recognizing its blemishes and pointing out its faults,
serious consideration can be focused upon improving the way SGA

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