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Election Commission gets second complaint

Cougar News Staff

Independent Student Government Association presidential candidate Fabian Sifuentes filed another complaint with the Election Commission
on Tuesday. 

Sifuentes, a junior communication major, claims that the commission violated Article 6, Section 1, Clause 3, which states, "For the general
election, polls shall be established in a highly visible location in the following building and between the following times," when it eliminated the
polling area in student lot 15D, which runs along Cullen Boulevard.

The election code requires seven distinct locations, and with the Cullen Boulevard location stricken, there will be only six in the following
locations: Phillip G. Hoffman Hall, C.T. Bauer College of Business, the University Center, Moody Towers, the Quadrangle and the Engineering

Sifuentes claims that removing the Cullen location would "violate the spirit of the clause which is intended to encourage students to participate
in the SGA election by offering convenient polling locations to the students." 

He also states that the "election commission does not have the authority to pick and choose the rules it chooses to follow."

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