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Theater students perform their own work in 'Fatt'

Curtain Call

Geronimo Rodriguez

The UH School of Theatre produces many plays, both main and student productions. While there are a number of roles that allow students to
shine, there exists a larger number of students who have equal talent but don't get the opportunity to play those roles.

With this in mind, Alpha Psi Omega's National Theater Honors Society will play host to this semester's second presentation of Fatt at 2 p.m.

The show, held at least twice a month, showcases the talent of the program's finest actors and actresses performing the most original
material the school has to offer: their own.

The one-hour show features theater students who are asked to sign up at least one week before the show's schedule date.

With Fatt, everything goes. Students are seen in their most embarrassing moments that carry the potential of becoming the evening's most
memorable scenes.

"Anyone can perform and show their talent," junior theater major and APO president Undreia Lewis said. "We have no limits."

After ending her run as a regular in the show, Lewis has contributed to the show's production for the past two years.

"Me and my friends used to do this ghetto girls skit, but we haven't done it for a long time. They're kind of retired right now."

At ease with the familiar audience, most students rehearse material they are working on personally. Others practice material such as
one-minute monologues or scenes from plays.

But most of the performances are unconventional and attempt to stray from material the theater is used to producing, Lewis said.

"We have rehearsals if it's going to be difficult," she said. "But it's all about fun; we never try to turn anything into something bigger."

Theater professors also attend. Some use it to watch for the growing department's talent that may be overlooked.

UH students are encouraged to attend Fatt. It is held in the Jose Quintero Lab Theater and admission is free.

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