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Thursday, March 21, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 113


Wide array of music displayed at Fiesta

By Ellen Simonson
Daily Cougar Staff

So you think UH is a boring university. You think nothing ever happens here. You pine for a school where the students are involved and awesome bands come to

Well, pine no more. You'll have no excuses to bemoan a lack of excitement on the UH campus this weekend, because Frontier Fiesta is coming, and it's bringing a
boatload of bands for the UH student body's enjoyment.

Tonight, the first night of Fiesta, will be r&b night. Acts include Exclusive and Big Mo, a self-described "straight-up hip-hop" artist who says, "You have never heard a
sound like (mine) before. It's totally original ... No samples, it's just real."

Another performer, Sunshine Anderson, has been described by Macy Gray as "a star through and through." Anderson describes her soulful Atlantic Records debut,
Your Woman, as "a record that takes you on the journey of being in love. I'm not trying to give any answers this record is just my way of telling everyone that I've
been there too."

In a change of tone, Friday night will be Fiesta's celebration of Texas country. Texas Double Shot, which bills itself as a "Texas' dancehall sensation," is made up of
six individuals; Chris, who handles bass and vocals for the band, is a native Houstonian and UH student.

Also performing Friday is Texas legend-in-the-making and self-proclaimed "bad boy" Roger Creager. The Corpus Christi native was an accountant before
beginning his musical career, which is now sponsored by ZiegenBock.

Saturday night is billed as "Tejano Night" and will feature St. Jubilee opening for David Lee Garza. St. Jubilee, a Houston-based band formed in 1999, tries to bring
together the cultures of both sides of the Rio Grande with its music, which it says has a pop sound, Latin rhythms and "Texas guitar."

David Lee Garza is somewhat of a legend in Texas Tejano music. He and his band, Los Musicales, recently released their second album for the Sony Discos
label, titled 20/20.

Spanish-rock cover band Revolú, which performs songs by Santana, Shakira, Maná and others, will also be playing for the Hispanic Student Associaton/Hispanic
Media Association on Saturday from 7 to 9 p.m. The lead singer is a UH student, and the lead guitarist is an alumnus.

So there you go. Food, beer (if you're old enough), an extensive Wild West-style "city," games and an array of nationally known recording artists are coming to the
UH campus this weekend. So y'all come out and enjoy.

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