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Palestinians should 'stop the terror'

Matthew Caster

Call me Israel. Since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, an unequivocal conflict has endured between the Jews who, thanks to a United Nations charter, lay claim to Israel, and the Muslim Palestinians who were rather brusquely tossed into neighboring Arab nations like Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

When it came time for me to decide who should control this small patch of land no bigger than Connecticut, I chose neutrality. Sure, the Palestinians were there
before 1948, but Jews seemed to need a little place to themselves after the Holocaust. I decided to root for peace in the region, no matter who controlled what.

I re-evaluated my stance after the Sept. 11 attacks, especially after the Palestinian group Hamas avenged the death of one of its own military leaders with a series
of brutal suicide bombings that killed 23 Israeli civilians. At least the Israeli military occasionally tries to go after militant leaders; Palestinians seem interested only
in killing civilians. So admittedly, in recent weeks I've become strongly pro-Israel.

I realized I had no context within which I could place the plight of the Palestinian people, though. So, in an attempt to justify their actions towards Israel since Yasser
Arafat initiated the terrorist assault on the Jewish state in 1965, I invented the following scenario.

When the United States finally goes after Iraq, the French will object, as always. Suppose our response to their opposition in this matter is to nuke France. Granted,
the UN would probably find our response a tad harsh, although not altogether undesirable. In response, say the UN passes a resolution that turns the state of
Texas over to the French.

Immediately after this edict passed, I would immediately rally my fellow Texans and form "La Resistance." My tactics would be simple: draft impressionable young
Texans and brainwash them into believing the French have no right to be here, all the while ensuring my followers know that they (but not I) must be willing to die to
expel these infidels.

Then I'd strap sticks of dynamite to them and send them to art museums, bistros and other places those snobs might gather. As I see it, the French flag has
already flown over this state once, and I'll be damned if it does again.

Would this work in expelling the vile French from this great state of Texas? No, because French people are like ants ... even if you kill a few, more show up.
Furthermore, the international community would never recognize my cause as genuine since I target defenseless civilians.

Terrorism in any form, whether it is Texans killing Frenchmen, Palestinians killing Israelis or Islamic fundamentalists killing civilians from dozens of different
nations, does not garner respect for a cause ... it condemns that cause.

Both Palestinians and Israelis need to grow up, sit down and start talking. But first, Palestinians have got to stop the terror. The civilized world will never take the
Palestinian cause seriously unless the suicide bombings and sniper attacks stop.

Caster, a senior chemcal engineering major, 
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