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Obey the speed limit?

Have you received a ticket for speeding lately? Have you received a ticket for speeding on the same freeway you usually speed on, but don't usually get a ticket for
doing so? Have you noticed the new speed limit signs on the freeways?

Just what we need, right?

As a part of its plan to decrease the amount of smog in Houston, the city has reduced speed limits to 55 miles per hour, taking us back to the days when cars
actually bolded and orange-inked the "55 mph" spot on speedometers.

To put it frankly, it stinks especially for as much driving that is required for the working, commuting UH student. And since this city is so spread out (one may live
in The Woodlands, go to school at UH's central campus and have a job out in Rice Village), driving will always be a necessity. Driving fast is a necessity, especially
with traffic, lecture-happy professors and anal bosses.

So what are we supposed to do, obey these new signs? By law, we're forced to. But that we can bend the rules a little.

The news has yet to catch up with everybody, anyway. There are still cars going 65 and 70 on those long stretches of Highway 59 and Interstate 45. If we decide to
go with the flow of traffic, there isn't much harm in that.

But beware of the furtive "over-the-hill" cop ... you know, those cops who park just after a "hill" in the freeway. They catch you going 80 before you even see them.
Once you drive over that overpass, those red and blue lights force your feet to lay off the gas and your hands cautiously take their "10 and 2" positions. 

How many of us have been driving long enough to remember when the speed limits were 55? It used to take an hour to get to Kingwood, The Woodlands or
Missouri City from downtown. With the 65 and 70 speed limits, a trip from UH to The Woodlands would take about 45 minutes (sans rush hour). But thanks to
Houston's lack of accessible public transportation, all of our cars have created enough smog to force the city to reduce those limits.

There really isn't much we can do except hope the speed reductions do no less for the city other than increase traffic. Then, and only then, will the city's suits realize
that it's not all these cars causing the smog.

So go ahead and continue to set your cruise control on 70 just remember to turn it off when you go over those "hills."

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