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Thursday, March 21, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 113



Re-release of E.T. and Blade 2 arraive in theaters

Note: The following is a list of films opening this weekend. Along with a brief synopsis, the list is intended to provide moviegoers with general information about the films. These are not movie reviews.

On 'Left Unsaid,' Sevenfold's music speaks for itself

Contrary to the popular phrase "some things are better left unsaid," Houston-based modern rock band Sevenfold's new album Things Left Unsaid must be spoken about.

Rapper changes 'Face,' becomes rap entrepreneur

Rap-A-Lot Records has always been a prominent fixture in the rap game, producing notable rap artists, topping charts and now boasting the unwavering success
of veteran rap star Scarface, most recently known as Face.

Escalante's offer Mexican treats

Sizzling fajitas, handmade guacamole and friendly service are just a few of the amenities Escalante's has to offer. If you are in the mood for tasty Mexican food and a cool atmosphere, then check out Escalante's Mexican Grill at 4701 Beechnut Street.

Despite lack of equipment, SVN up And running

When members of the Student Video Network set out in search of filmmaking equipment, one wouldn't have thought the program would prosper as much as it has. It has three short films lined up for Saturday and plans to consistently run at least three shows per week.

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