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On 'Left Unsaid,' Sevenfold's music speaks for itself

Local Edge

Shiley Carter

Contrary to the popular phrase "some things are better left unsaid," Houston-based modern rock band Sevenfold's new album Things Left Unsaid must be spoken about.

Photo courtesy of Sevenfold

Houston's own Sevenfold sets a new standard for local bands with its release Things Left Unsaid.

Sevenfold's talent is undeniable. The musically creative quartet has had a wide array of successes since the release of its debut album and first show in April

When VH1 recognized Sevenfold as one of the top unsigned bands in America, the spotlight was aimed at these guys.

Getting to play at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as an opening act for John Fogerty was a definite highlight. However, sharing the stage with bands like 3 Doors
Down, Dexter Freebish, Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Eve 6, Days of the New, Joy Drop and many others is not exactly rain on Sevenfold's parade.

Making up a mainstream rock band with a touch of pop and an easy-listening appeal, David Underwood (lead vocals and guitar), Robert Swonke (lead guitar),
Matthew Cook (guitar and vocals), Jon Wright (bass) and Joey Wright (drums and percussion) have a surefire ability that could have them standing on top of the

The drums and bass accentuate the flowing beats, while the guitars branch through an array of sounds ranging from a wailing whimper to a relaxing harmony.
The vocals are full of emotion and passion.Underwood's strong voice and Sevenfold's music as a whole are even more appreciable when the lyrics are

With an underlying optimism and the usual ability to relate to society in general, the stories and lessons on love presented in the 11 tracks on Things Left Unsaid
are touching.

The album's first single, "Never Been One," can be found in your grocer's freezer ... yes, I'm serious. Just pick up the Chicken and Vegetable Uncle Ben's Mini
Bowl and you will find a CD compilation with a Sevenfold song on it. It was the only independent band alongside major label bands on the CD.

"Music Man" is one of the more catchy songs on the album with an appeal to the senses. It is a love story from past to present. Underwood sings, "Reach out your
hand/ Trust me/ I'll take you anywhere you want to go tonight/ If you can love me/ 'Cause I will love you for the rest of my life."

Things Left Unsaid is like a journey through ups and downs in the life of any person longing for love constantly finding, then losing.

Sevenfold doesn't sound like a local band, but more like a group that is already heard on the radio. It is without a doubt reaching for extremely attainable goals
and it probably won't be long until we do hear our airwaves graced with this great, radio-friendly band's music. For more information on Sevenfold, check out the
band's web site at

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