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Democrats seek 'star' candidates

Joshua Delano

I laughed a few days ago when I heard that Tipper Gore was considering running for U.S. Senator for the state of Tennessee. I mean, what
the Democratic men can't get it done in the White House, so they send their wives to finish the job? Is the Democratic Party running out of stars
with which to fill nominations to the extent that it would consider Mrs. Gore as a senator?

Recently, President Bush's approval ratings have been between 80 and 90 percent in Gallup, Reuters and Harris polling. Yet when the American
people were asked about Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), 74 percent of them didn't even know who he was. It's hilarious that he's
the so-called "Top Democrat in Washington" who thinks he's got a bid for the presidential nomination in 2004, yet nobody knows who he is.

So the Democrats must resort to people like Gore, who want to concentrate on things like mental sickness; well, she is qualified, since she was
treated for clinical depression in 1989 (as reported in the Tennessean newspaper).

Her ambitions run high although not as high as fellow "feminazi" Hillary Clinton but she will not be running because Rep. Bob Clement
would not back out of the nomination for which he had declared he would run.

Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson announced a week ago he would not seek re-election and Republican Bob Clement formally announced he'd
run. So on what basis did Gore get the not-so-bright idea of running for the position? She had simply hoped since her last name was Gore that
Clement would back out and not run, kind of step aside from his dream to run for office, simply so she could piggyback with her husband's
name recognition like someone else we know, and get elected. What does she do instead? Tuck tail and run because she won't compete for
the nomination against Clement.

Clement made it clear on Sunday that he would not be stepping aside for her. Yet the Gores were already house-shopping in Tennessee (and
by the way, Tipper isn't even a Tennessean).

Are the Democrats really getting that desperate for candidates that they'd consider Gore? At least Clinton is a lawyer who knows how to play
political games and talk out of both sides of her mouth. Can Gore even spell diplomacy? We've got her running for the senate, and Daschle
(also known as "Dr. No") and Dick Gephardt with his imaginary friends and conversations with them.

Daschle/Dr. No has become the icon of the doom-and-gloom Democrats with his harsh pitting of agenda against agenda, whatever it may be,
coming from the White House.

The Democrats are grasping at straws and can only seem to pipe up with a "could've" and "would've" for accusations and mudslinging
campaigns they are aiming at the Bush administration. They are desperate because they feel the leadership prowess of our president, whom
America is behind with our support.

Gephardt has to resort to talking to union workers about a so-called "conversation" his daddy (who was a milkman) happened to have with him
when he was a kid at the dinner table about unions and collective bargaining a long time ago. Yeah, right. 

And by what means will Democrats attack the good the current administration is doing to keep our country safe and intact with our most
important ideas: faith in God, integrity, leadership and liberty? Democrats in Washington lack all these things and seem to refuse even to
mention God or practice ethical integrity, only the discipline of self.

The American people aren't stupid and will soon realize, if they have not already, who has been and will continue to lie to them in Washington
and also who has done what they said they would. I'm glad to be a member of the right party, which has proven leaders in office. And like them, I
believe that this is still "one nation under God."

Delano, a sophomore political
science major, can be reached at


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