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DJ Michael Watts strives on Houston's Swisha House Records

Local Groove

Becky Proctor

Up-tempo beats, potent lyrics and versatile rap abilities personify local label Swisha House Records. Houston's north side label, led by DJ
Michael Watts, first became an unexpected powerhouse in the South with its circulating underground hit "Drank Up in My Cup."

Its young but successful tenure can also be linked to newcomer Big Tiger and veteran rapper/producer Mista Masta Archie Lee.

Big Tiger stems from Acres Homes with 10 years of experience in the rap game, beginning as a youngster in the loosely formed Texas Boys.
His 1998 introduction and impromptu performance for Watts resulted in his inclusion in the Swisha House family.

Big Tiger's contribution to the Swisha House compilation The Day Hell Broke Loose drew attention to his ability and prepared him for his
own first full CD release, I Came To Wreck.

"Expect a platinum album," Big Tiger said. "Expect the unexpected 'cause we're gonna take this worldwide." The entire CD is a tribute to
jamming beats laced with energetic rhymes.

Big Tiger's résumé claims numerous track appearances, a solo CD and stage sharing with Master P and Cash Money Millionaires, which
work in supplying opportunities for more accomplishments and longevity.

Hustlin' tapes out of parking lots launched Da Mista Masta Archie Lee's career from music hustling to rapping and producing.

The north-side-born-and-raised Archie Lee Tatmon hooked up with Michael Watts to freestyle and produce mixed tapes, allowing them
opportunities to perform shows in H-Town.

After two years of unexpected musical moves, Swisha House emerged to heighten Mista Masta's rap contribution to the game with The Day
Hell Broke Loose.

Mista Masta's eight years as a rapper promoted his extension to a producer specializing in party beats. His style has ripened in his three
years as a producer. 

As one of the major co-founders of Swisha House, Archie Lee is sure to continue his reign.

Swisha House has an assortment of hip-hop releases available, including Warning, Final Chapter 2k2, I Came To Wreck, Da Mista Masta
Archie Lee and Choppin' Em' Up Pt. 5. Look out for these releases and continue to show up for H-Town artists.

Check out Mystikal live in concert this weekend at Platinum City, located at 428 Parker Rd., just off Interstate 45 North.


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