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Furtado gets friendly with Houstonians

By Mauro Alvarez
Daily Cougar Staff

Canadian pop star Nelly Furtado's performance at the Verizon Wireless Theater revealed to Houston a different side of pop a side that
doesn't depend on choreography or singing along with a soundtrack.

Furtado's style of music included a live band playing pop with a Portuguese hip on it that caused the crowd to shake their own during her set
of 12 songs.

Photo courtesy of DreamWorks Records

Nelly Furtado gave a warm performance for Wednesday's Verizon Wireless Theater audience.

After two openers, the crowd got what it wanted, as Furtado made her entrance. She opened with "Baby Girl" and followed with "I Will Make
You Cry."

As she paused between sets, the guys in the crowd forgot about their dates and yells of "I love you, Nelly!" echoed throughout the venue.

"I love you, too!" she yelled back. (What a crowd-pleaser, eh?)

"Party" preceded Furtado's version of Missy Elliot's "Get Your Freak On." And after bringing a stool to the front of the stage, Furtado surprised
her audience by pulling out a six-string that she wailed on for a few tunes.

"What's Going On?" and "Hey Man" were her guitar-accompanied songs on the set list. She eventually sang the crowd favorite "I'm Like a
Bird" as the Verizon Wireless Theater audience helped her out with the song's lyrics.

After singing "Legend" and the Portuguese lyric-laden "Scared of You," Furtado introduced a new song from her next album called "I Feel Ya."

After leaving the stage, Furtado returned for her first encore dressed in gear reminiscent of rap group Public Enemy's Flava Flav (sans gold
teeth). With this, she led the crowd in a 1980s rap and pop tribute that included songs like Kriss Kross' "Jump" and "Push It" by Salt and

"Y'all probably know this one, Houston," she said as she segued into "Turn off the Lights." After leaving the stage again, Furtado returned for
her second encore, ending the show with "On the Radio."

Furtado's performance showed that she truly appreciates her fans. For the fans up front, she got down to their level; during "On the Radio,"
she let the fans have the mike and sing with her. Also during the show, she threw on a homemade shirt someone gave to her.

The Verizon Wireless Theater crowd put on its dancing shoes for this one, too. Houston may be the fattest city in the United States, but for an
hour and a half of Furtado, people stood and cut a rug.

Opening the show was Citizen Cope, whose sound can be compared to Staind's "Outside," but unplugged. Cope, as he called himself,
finished his set off with songs called "Contact" and "Salvation."

After Citizen Cope, a female rapper from Philadelphia, Miss Jay, came out to perform. She did her own freestyle to Bubba Sparxxx' "Ugly."

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