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RHA candidates have varied ideas

By Ashley Clark
Daily Cougar Staff

The Student Government Association election season may be over, but votes will still be cast Wednesday. The Residence Hall
Association is having its elections for RHA president, vice-president of administration, vice-president of special events and hall
council members. Residents may vote at the Oberholtzer cafeteria and in the Moody Towers Commons area.

Brian Guidry, current vice-president of administration and a candidate for re-election, said his concern for where he lives what is
drives him to run a second time for the position of vice-president of administration.

"My main goal is to make sure that during the summer the dorm cafeterias stay open later than they have in the past," said Guidry, a
junior psychology major.

Mark Castillo, a candidate for RHA president, said he would like to bring some drastic changes to dorm life and believes he would
be able to if elected.

"I would like to (re-paint) the halls in the dorms because some of the walls need more paint," said Castillo, a freshman public
relations major. "Also, some of the carpet in the rooms is old and could stand to be replaced."

For Kay Onyeagu, who is running for vice-president of special events, the main goal is participation in RHA-sponsored events.

"I think that RHA could get more involved with other organizations and build even more programs that are geared toward a more
diverse student (body)," said Onyeagu, a freshman finance major. "I also think that more programs could appeal to student living on
campus and off."

Castillo also said he would like to make RHA a little more appealing to residents.

"Students must be able to walk up to people and explain the problems that they are having with the dorms," Castillo said. "Currently,
I am trying to talk to people and answer questions so they can know what the RHA is all about."

Last semester, after students signed petitions demanding one of the residence hall cafeterias remain open past 9 p.m., RHA was
able to grant the students' request.

"Along with the manager of the grill in Oberholtzer Hall, I was able to make the students happy by keeping the cafeteria open until 11
p.m.," Guidry said.

Although Guidry was able to make the grill stay open later, there have been other complaints from residents. "We petitioned for the
cafeteria in Moody Towers to be open later," said Tramaine Scott, a junior business major and resident assistant in the Towers. "It
sucks that the cafeteria in the OB is open longer because no one really uses that one. Everyone uses the one in the Towers."

Guidry said the cafeteria in the Towers was not chosen to stay open later because of the lack of workers.

"It made more sense to keep the OB open later because students purchase their food at the convenience store that is located right
next to the cafeteria," he said.

Guidry said the offices of president and vice-president are important positions students should be interested in. 

"The person that is elected into the position makes sure that residents get programs that they are interested in," said Guidry said.
"For example, the big Spring Break Tropical party, which was held in the cafeteria of Moody Towers where students were able to
get free food was spearheaded by the special program positions."

Graduate education student Elizabeth Payne is also running for RHA president. Chalen Johnson is another candidate for vice
president of special events.

"All residents on campus can vote for the executive positions, but only students from the particular hall that people seeking to hall
council members for can vote for those people," said Scoobie Woods, area coordinator of the east quadrangle and RHA advisor.

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