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Palestinians are lying to the world

Matthew E. Caster

At the risk of sounding repetitive, it's time to once again discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But before I do that, I must clarify something: I'm not biased ... just well-educated. I get my information from as many sources as
possible, with the hope that a number of sources will validate the information. The data below has been confirmed by MSNBC, CNN,
ABC News, BBC News and Fox News.

If confirmation of the facts from the five largest independent broadcast journalism outlets in the world isn't good enough, I encourage
you to write Al-Jazeera and encourage them to offer a Web site in English.

The latest round of violence began in July 2000 when the Palestinian Authority, led by Yasser Arafat, walked away from a promising
meeting at Camp David which would have given the Palestinians control over the Gaza Strip and 95 percent of the West Bank,
including a capital in East Jerusalem, in exchange for Palestinian recognition of Israel. A virtually identical deal was approved last
week at the annual meeting of the Arab League in Lebanon.

Since the violence started, countless world leaders, including President Bush, Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah, Jordan's King Abdullah
and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, have implored Arafat to condemn terrorism and to try to round up suspected militants to
secure peace.

Arafat has condemned terrorism ... but only in English, which is spoken by less than 20 percent of Palestinians in the region. His
comments in Arabic often sound similar to the comments he made upon hearing that a teenage girl had blown herself up on a
crowded Israeli street corner, killing several Israelis: "I only hope I am martyred in such a way." 

Arafat has supplied Islamic militants who support the Palestinian cause, including a recent shipment of several million dollars'
worth of weapons from Iran, which, thankfully, the Israelis intercepted.

During the course of six days, Palestinian militants conducted six suicide bombings, killing more than 30 Israeli civilians. At least
two of the bombings were conducted by members of the Al-Asqa Martyrs Brigade, which is a subsidiary of Arafat's Fatah Party.

Despite saying they only want a little land for themselves and a capital in Jerusalem in exchange for peace with Israel, Palestinians
seek to destroy the Jewish state by murdering Israeli civilians with an insidious terrorist assault.

Israel's former prime minister Ehud Barak offered Palestine everything it wanted, and it walked away, hoping that terror would obtain
more land and drive Israel out of the Holy Land forever.

A nation's effort to defend its civilians from surprise attack is not terrorism or aggression. It's a rational response to an external

My thoughts on the subject would be different if Israelis were strapping bombs to themselves and walking into crowded mosques to
blow themselves up, but I guess the pro-Israeli press isn't running those stories.

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