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Palestinians attack Passover service

Six terrorist attacks in six days ... If you have been ignoring the conflict in the Middle East for the past 18 months, now is a good time
to educate yourself about this horrible predicament. 

In another disgusting act of terrorism, a Palestinian took it upon himself to blow up a sacred Passover dinner gathering last
Wednesday. He killed 22 civilians. Mothers and children in their best clothes lay dead or wounded on the pavement outside the
heavily damaged gathering hall. The "Passover Massacre" rightfully ignited Israeli forces and now Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's
headquarters are under siege.

Just a few days ago, peace was an option. The Israelis offered the Palestinians a golden plan: withdrawal. The slate of former years
could have been washed clean, and steps toward calm could have been taken. But in keeping with the selfish Palestinian way, more
suicide bombers were sent over to destroy any hope for compromise.

It seems to be a liberal trend to side with the Palestinians. News networks show Yasser Arafat surrounded in his compound,
speaking to reporters by the light of candles and flashlights as if he is such an oppressed victim. 

This man deserves no sympathy he endorses terrorism, works directly with terrorist groups and refuses to compromise. He even
helped engineer the terrorism that spoiled the 1972 Munich Olympics, which ended in the slaughter of innocent Israeli athletes. 

Arafat is not interested in peace. He only wants to become a "martyr" and have his death ignite further jihad. A disgustingly
war-thirsty imbecile, Arafat is a perpetrator of peace and his own religion, alike.

Pro-Palestinians will also defend Arafat by claiming that he condemns the terrorism. The idea that the terrorists will bow to a verbal
condemnation is laughable.

Arafat secretly promotes this terrorism, and why not? It's fighting his war and compensating for his ridiculously weak military.
Certainly President Bush would not tolerate Americans traveling to Afghanistan to kill themselves and others in suicide attacks.

It's a disgrace to our country and an insult to our military prowess. But because Arafat represents the polar opposite of nobility, he
continues to allow this terrorism to continue. There are no arrests and no dismantling of terrorist groups, only a mere verbal

Admittedly, the Israelis are not absolute victims either. Many Israel supporters frowned on earlier military invasions of Palestinian
refugee camps, myself included. But when both parties were inches from peace it was the Palestinians who foiled these plans,
opting for more violence.

Thanks to the Palestinians, this situation has returned to a thankless farce. They are not interested in peace, but they should start
considering alternatives to their terrorism as their leader, entire government and future are now in the crosshairs of Israeli forces.

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