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UH brings 'Top Girls' to the stage

Curtain Call

Geronimo Rodriguez

UH's theater department has presented material about the human struggle in Our Country's Good, love as a sickness
in Fool for Love and a woman's search to define herself in Eleemosynary thus far this semester.

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UH School of Theatre students perform in Top Girls, which examines the lives of historical and legendary women. The production runs at UH's Wortham Theatre Main Stage through April 14.

The department will now present a play that touches on each of these subjects with Top Girls, a main-stage
production directed by Carolyn Boone.

Written by Caryl Churchill in 1982, Top Girls examines nine women's lives and the ways they achieve their goals.

The play gathers women of history and legend for a luncheon to celebrate a corporate woman's promotion to managing

"I think the playwright chose all the fictitious women because they all had incredible female plights," Boone said.

In contrast, the play also incorporates women who have chosen to live a lifestyle that does not deviate from accepted
social roles.

"It's like the balance between the feminine woman who has the house and children and being a corporate woman and
trying to find happiness in either one or both ways of living," senior theater major Rachel Seney said.

At the same time, audiences need not worry about women taunting chauvinist men for the entire play.

"Carolyn calls it the feminist predicament and it's not the hardcore feminist," senior theater major Ivy Castle said. "It's
just what women deal with, like sex and children and work and everything else."

Girls does not necessarily intend to teach women about past women's struggles, but gives audiences the opportunity
to view the women's own perspectives at the time.

"We've already had these views before, so that made us happy to be in the play, because we want to represent the
women and ourselves," Castle said.

Boone explained that she wanted to tell an excellent story about women that would benefit the department's female

"One reason I chose this play is because I think that the issues are very interesting and I like the way (Churchill) put
them in story fashion," Boone said. "Another reason was that I really had a great concern about serving so many of
our females here at the school, who I think are very good, and I was able to give nine actresses roles; that makes me

"Anybody who knows plays knows that there are more male roles than there are women's, so it's nice when you run
across a play that serves the female actress and the female spirit."

The performance features graduate student Elizabeth Elliott, seniors Meghann Mason, Leila Kousheshi and Charlesanne
Rabensburg, junior Diana Garcia, sophomores Jenny Yau, Jenny Phillips and Jennilyn Comstock and freshman Monica

Top Girls will run on campus at the Wortham Theatre Main Stage at 7:30 p.m. today, 8 p.m. April 5, 6, 12 and 13 and
2 p.m. April 14. For more information, call the School of Theatre box office at (713) 743-2929.

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