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Predock honored for his life's work

By Luis Zepeda
Daily Cougar Staff

Artists, architects and educators gathered Saturday at the UH College of Architecture to recognize and honor the work of Antoine Predock, a leading
figure in architecture design and one of the best architects of this era, during the Seventh Annual Blueprint Ball.

Pin Lim/The Daily Cougar

The Seventh Annual Blueprint Ball, held Saturday at the College of Architecture, honored leading architect Antoine Predock, featured on the jumbo screen.

"Personally Antoine Predock is one of the premiere architects in the country if not the world at this point," said Lannis Kirkland, associate dean of the
College of Architecture. "His work is characterized, I would say, by being both very personal and applicable to everyone. He brings a very personal
passion to his work but it addresses everybody."

Besides being honored Saturday, Predock also gave a lecture to students and visitors at the College of Architecture Atrium on Friday. The Gerald D.
Hines College of Architecture has produced close to 2,300 graduates in recent years, the majority of them practicing in Houston.

"I'm impressed by the work ethic that comes out of the college, not only by the intellectual capacity of the students but the tenacity to learn from error,"
Predock said. "It is an image of the college's instruction and the reputation of this place."

Predock delighted an audience of about 200 with his vision of what architecture is all about.

"Architecture is a journey to the unexpected, is a poetic encounter where you never know what is going to happen," he said.

A native of New Mexico, Predock is often referred to in his home state as a "desert rat" because of his enthusiasm for motorcycles. His work has been
very prolific in the realm of educational and institutional architecture: He designed the Tacoma Art Museum, the Gateway Center at the University of
Minnesota and the Center for Nanoscale Science of Technology at Rice University, among many others.

Some of Predock's designs have been featured in movies, like 1998's Gattaca, starring Ethan Hawke, and this year's Impostor, starring Gary Sinise.
Both movies were filmed in part at the Classroom/Laboratory/ Administration Building at Cal Poly Pomona, in California. In addition, the Gateway
Center at the University of Minnesota was the main stage for the 2001 music video "Drive" by rock band Incubus.

Predock is currently involved in the design and construction of the new San Diego Padres Ballpark, which, coincidentally, will be home to a club owned
by UH alumnus and University benefactor John Moores.

Honored for his architectural excellence, Predock's style is often naturalistic with futuristic touches.

"Predock's work relates to a timelessness in a way that few architects do," Kirkland said. "Not trying to replicate what has been done before, not
thinking historical, but making it timeless by specifically relating it to the place that the buildings are designed for."

The Blueprint Ball had scheduled famed country singer and Houston native Lyle Lovett to perform on stage, but a serious leg injury sustained two
weeks ago, when he helped his uncle after he was attacked by a bull, kept Lovett from coming. Jazz artists Davis Caceres provided the musical

The Blueprint Ball is an annual event sponsored by the UH Architecture Alumni Association. Proceeds provide scholarships to students at the Gerald
D. Hines College of Architecture.

This year's ball, emceed by KPRC-TV anchorwoman and UH alumna Dominique Sachse, inducted Arturo Chavez to the College of Architecture Alumni
Hall of Fame.

"This is a huge milestone, a tremendous honor to be here and to be honored this evening," Predock said. "I'm so deeply honored."

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