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1Card will receive an upgrade

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College tuition: $20,000. Textbooks: $4,000. Supplies, college apparel: $2,000. The Cougar 1Card: priceless.

Beginning in Fall 2002, students, faculty and staff will be able to use the Cougar 1Card as a primary bank account card anywhere, anytime.

Higher One, a financial services firm that helps higher education institutions develop one-card banking services, will provide its "OneAccount" benefit to
all Cougar 1Card holders.

The "OneAccount" benefit will be offered as a way to access services linked to Higher One's customized financial system, the University's
administrative reimbursement system and its Cougar 1Card flex account.

The card will function as a Visa debit card and be accepted by more than 18 million merchants worldwide. Cardholders can get cash from automatic
teller machines, write checks, send and receive money electronically from their accounts and monitor the details of their accounts online.

The service will make it possible for UH to disburse financial aid refunds electronically to the accounts of student cardholders and to electronically
deposit payroll checks of University employees.

"I have been involved with several sophisticated one-card programs, including two of the leaders in this area: Florida State University and University of
Michigan. I am very excited about our relationship with Higher One," said Randy Harris, vice president for administration and finance.

"With the 'OneAccount' service our University will benefit from significant cost savings while our students, faculty and staff will gain from vastly
increased functionality and convenience through the enhanced Cougar 1 program," Harris said.

A Cougar 1Card can be obtained by visiting Room 279 in the University Center or calling (713) 743-2399. For more information about the "OneAccount"
service, visit the Web site

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