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Anti Pop Consortium to play Engine Room

By Chris Goodier
Daily Cougar Staff

The underground Anti Pop Consortium convenes at the Engine Room this Wednesday. Hailing from New York City, the trio formed in 1997 with the
motto "Disturb the Equilibrium," establishing a mission to counter ignorance in rap.

Lyrics void of Crystal, Beemers and booty were born from the emcee trio's initial encounter at a downtown poetry slam. Rhyme purveyors Priest, Beans
and M. Sayyid flow over the vinyl juggling of E. Blaize.

"... (Initially) our style was an ill hybridization of both rap and poetry," Priest said. "So we had love from both sides of the fence." And the subterranean
movement began there.

Attempts at spreading their insightful home-spun cassette series with a Xerox and sticker campaign put Priest in jail under New York Mayor Rudolph
Giuliani's "Increase the Standard of Living" regime.

After a brief stay, the Anti Pop Consortium was back on the streets peddling its beat-ridden wares. Experimental heads soon caught wind, leading to a
record contract with the esteemed Warp label. Last fall, A.P.C.'s EP The Ends Against the Middle created a frenzy of attention from music sources that
are far from rap-oriented. Riding high off its latest release, Arrythmia, the Anti Pop Consortium is sure to keep heads bobbing.

Opening will be the infectious cutting of Houston's own Mathematic DJs. The wax sushi chefs are sure to show and impress. The show starts at 8 p.m.
and tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster.

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