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Towers, maximum-security prison?

Jeff Campbell

I have suddenly become aware of certain issues that I, as a student of this University and a resident of the Moody Towers, feel must be addressed.

I spent a generous amount of time attempting to locate the appropriate person or persons to get in touch with about my concerns, through searches on
the UH Web site, to no avail. I was somewhat disappointed to find the Residential Life and Housing Web site has not been updated in a year, and the
Residence Halls Association Web site is currently unavailable for viewing. 

How can a student possibly voice any concerns about his or her current living situation if no outlets are available to research the University's positions
and policies? A student should have a proper outlet to these resources, and yet they are not available.

The Towers now resemble more a prison than a residence hall, with security cameras, mirrors to view people walking behind the desk assistant,
small doors to exit and enter through and lights connected to the card-swiping machine to blink a bright green or red light.

I don't remember students being informed of any of these "improvements" prior to their being enacted. It's more like a student walks out on a Friday
and goes, "Whoa! When did these doors get here?" What is to be the next enforcement? Thumbprinting the students to go in the Towers? Metal
detectors? Retina scanners? This is ridiculous: I'm trying to get access to my room, not the Pentagon.

All these suddenly implemented features in the Towers make it a hassle to travel freely. I am concerned that my rights as a student, and more
importantly, my rights as an individual, are being infringed upon.

Students have this common response to believe that every policy the University places upon them is right and/or indisputable. To those students, I say,
"Wake up!" Your money is what makes this University go 'round. If you do not agree with what the University is doing, speak up. It is not right for the
University to take away our special rights.

Something has to be done about the current state of the Towers. The laundry facilities are horrible because the washing machines don't drain and the
dryers take 99 minutes to even partly dry the clothes. The walls are disgusting, the term "floor space" doesn't exist and the floors smell. And we, as
students, pay how much for these rooms? They spend more money on surveillance that isn't necessary than on improvements that are absolutely

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