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Williams looks forward to NBA

By Jake McKim
Daily Cougar Staff

Say it ain't so, George.

If you haven't heard by now, UH junior forward George Williams announced this week that he would make himself available for the 2002
NBA draft in July. 

Brian Viney/The Daily Cougar

Junior forward George Williams takes a jump shot. Williams has declared himself eligible for the NBA draft, though he will likely return
to the team next year.

Williams has averaged more than 10 points and seven rebounds per game during his collegiate career and his charming, well-spoken
mannerisms have made him a Cougar fan favorite. His critics often complain that Williams lacks aggressiveness and are frustrated
because they see his unselfish attitude as impeding his potentially explosive offensive production.

But Williams has been so much more than simply a scorer for the Cougars he's a mentor to younger players, a stand-up team
representative and an all-around player who possesses defensive skills, inside strength and versatility that make him valuable. 

From all indications the 6-8, 220-pound forward is simply "testing the waters" to show off his size and skills and to get a better idea of
how he stacks up against other NBA wannabes. 

But what if the unthinkable (for UH) happens and Williams gets drafted by an NBA team that sees his future potential now? Sure, this
would be great for Williams, but what about us?

I think I can speak for most Cougar fans when I say: George, test the NBA waters, show 'em what you've got, then come back for your
senior season. At this stage in our program's rebuilding process, we need players like you to lead us back to college basketball

Whatever happens, we'll stand by your decision. But come draft day, don't be surprised if there are Cougar fans secretly hoping your
name doesn't get called so we can be blessed with one final season with the outstanding player, and person, you have been while
representing our University.

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