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Tuesday, April 16th, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 131



It's OK to get friendly with cousins

Yee-haw! The entertainment potential of family reunions just erected itself to a whole new height. You no longer need to look outside your clan for a
marriage partner, and your new in-laws can be as familiar to you as your aunt and uncle. Hell, they can actually be your aunt and uncle! 

New bills demolish civil liberties

It seems that in our rush to defend our country perhaps while we ran around waving our flags and plastering them to everything from our cars to our foreheads we overlooked the fact that our most basic liberties are under attack as never before. 

It takes guts to admit that objectivity does exist

Recently I read statements to the effect that everyone is biased, thus there is no such thing as objectivity. I was horrified and chills ran down my spine
at such a statement's dangerous implications. 

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