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Greek Park will become reality

By Michael Berezin
Daily Cougar Staff

Greek Park Housing, a project requested by UH student organizations since 1985, is scheduled to become a reality by the Fall 2003 semester with a
price tag of about $20 million, Dean of Students and Assistant Vice President for Student Development William Munson said.

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The area near the Engineering Building on Calhoun Road has been designated as the site of the University's new Greek Park Housing, slated to be ready by Fall 2003.

The project is headed by the UH Greek Park Housing Selection Advisory Committee, which is chaired by Vice President for Student Affairs Elwyn Lee in
cooperation with local fraternities, sororities and other student organizations.

"This project is meant to provide an environment that will help stabilize the Greek community and expand its numbers," Lee said. "Historically, Greek
communities have sponsored and participated in activities that increased the excitement and student involvement on campus, and this project is
meant to keep that trend going."

The project includes plans to build three types of housing complexes on 6.6 acres of University land located on the east side of Calhoun Road
between Wheeler Avenue and N. MacGregor Way, stretching from the south side of the Engineering Building on Calhoun to Braes Bayou, Munson said.

The first type of housing will be two free-standing houses that will be leased to interested Greek organizations, accommodating 20 to 30 occupants per
house. At this time, Delta Upsilon fraternity has invested $20,000 as a good-faith down payment in the project, said Lee. No other organization has
claimed the second tract of land, and the deadline for land reservation was in January.

The second type of housing will be a smaller townhouse concept that could accommodate several different organizations living next to each other.
Each townhouse will house 12 to 22 occupants in fully furnished double occupancy rooms. The organizations would be able to decorate the outside of
the buildings to represent their uniqueness.

The final type of housing, called Greek overflow, will be apartment-style living like Cambridge Oaks and Cullen Oaks for general students, Munson

"In addition to the housing, there are plans to have, among other things, recreational facilities, shuttle stops, pools, security, laundry facilities and it will
be one block from the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center opening in the Spring of 2003," Munson said.

Currently, the four developers bidding on the project are Capstone Development, Tramell Crow, Century Development and American Campus
Communities. "The range of projected construction cost is $14 to $23 million, but the final cost has not been determined," Munson said.

"There will be no increase in student fees or any state money used in this construction project," Munson said.

The expense of the project will be the sole responsibility of the chosen developer, who will also manage the leases. 

"The exact cost of renting is not yet known because we do not know the exact construction cost, but we told the developers that we would like the cost of
renting the Greek overflow apartments to be around $400, plus utilities," Lee said.

Once the GPHSC chooses a developer, it will pass the recommendation to UH President Arthur K. Smith and Vice President of Administration and
Finance Randy Harris for a recommendation and present it to the UH Board of Regents for final approval.

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