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Wednesday, April 17, 2002 Volume 67, Issue 132



SGA makes ludicrous allegations

I don't often write about campus events. Very little, other than my forced education, happens on this campus that is of concern to me. That was, until
last Friday. At the monthly meeting of the UH Student Publications Committee, the committee's members from the Student Government Association, as well as numerous members of the UH public, cried foul over numerous issues regarding the fine publication you are presently reading. Some of their arguments were justified; others weren't. But the way they made those arguments was, quite frankly, childish.

Reality shows spotlight stupidity

Like other college students with jobs, I don't usually have enough free time to watch television. My evenings are either spent in classes, studying or
seeing actual friends of mine, not watching some show. But two Mondays ago, I came home early from class to find my roommate glued to the
television. She yelled at me in disbelief to come see what she was watching

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