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Waiting on a friend

Remember the University Center Satellite? Remember how if one traversed down the steps, one could obtain some much-needed sustenance or liquid refreshment?

For the small price of a seemingly endless line, one was treated to cheap and somewhat digestible fare from Taco Bell or freshly prepared smashed potatoes from Steak Escape; one could also breeze through the Pizza Hut line and sit and converse with others.

But then that witch, Allison, came barreling through campus, leaving us with condiments floating in a hole in the ground.

We've been waiting like patient little children for more than eight months. We've been promised that when the Satellite finally re-opens, it'll be snazzier
and more efficient. But while the plans are all well and good, what used to be an oasis of life now resembles an area that time forgot.

There's been little activity there this semester. When the spring began, we were told the Satellite would open by the start of Summer I sessions. There
is no estimated time of completion now, nor is there even a start date.

Officials say it's the result of having to coordinate University plans, Chartwells and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The University argues
that FEMA will only help with 75 percent of the cost to restore the Satellite not necessarily renovate it.

Any additional costs, such as those associated with upgrades, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and taking measures to prevent
future flooding, could come out of the University's wallet.

While the University should be certain about how it spends its money, comments made by University officials that the Satellite isn't a "high enough
priority" don't leave us with much faith.

The University will soon conclude its meetings with FEMA. We will soon be given a new completion date. But with the way things have gone the past
year, we don't think that means fast food goodness any time soon.

Before the University finally starts mowing the grass and clearing the weeds from in front, we hope it does what FEMA asks. We hope it takes some
measures to keep it from being buried under 20 feet of water again.

If it doesn't, the University may age another 75 years before students get to taste Taco Bell again.

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