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Either Triple H or Hogan will win at WWF's Backlash

Untitled Wrestling Story (Zoso)

Ed De La Garza

In the spirit of fair play, this is a completely unbiased installment of the wrestling column without a name.

The World Wrestling Federation split is either the best thing the company could have done or the worst thing to happen since Bret Hart's final WWF
match in 1997. It's up to the fans to decide.

Photo courtesy of the World Wrestling Federation

The Undertaker will face fellow Texas native Steve Austin at the World Wrestling Federation's Backlash pay-per-view Sunday for the right to be called the No. 1 Contender.

But let's get straight to the pay-per-view. Or we can wait a while if you want.

Lashing back

Fans will have the opportunity to pay $30 for the WWF's Backlash (7 p.m. Sunday, PPV). I'm not going to try and sway you either way. The following is a
preview that could help with making a decision.

Undisputed WWF Championship: Triple H (champion) vs. Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan returned to the red-and-yellow look that made him famous in the mid-1980s. Triple H is the only star worthy of holding the belt right now.
Or it might be high time to give it to someone else. Either way, it should be a good match. Or a total waste of time. Prediction: I don't think I'm qualified
to make such a bold statement.

No. 1 Contender's Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker

Ric Flair will be the special referee for this battle between two Texans. The winner will get a shot at the WWF title. One would think the WWF is drooling
over an Austin/Triple H bout, but the Rattlesnake's gotten more than his share of time at the top. Then again, he has been voicing his displeasure of
late. But the Undertaker's no spring chicken. Prediction: A match will be held where the winner will be left victorious and the loser sad and dejected.

Intercontinental Title: Rob Van Dam (champion) vs. Eddie Guerrero

While Van Dam is one of the brightest spots in the WWF, my heritage means I must root for Guerrero. But throwing my support behind RVD shows I'm
not taking sides because I'm Hispanic. Prediction: Eh ...

The rest of the card

Edge will encounter Kurt Angle in the ring; Kidman will lay his Cruiserweight Championship on the line against Tajiri; Jazz will throw caution to the wind
and battle Trish Stratus; Brock Lesnar will finally wrestle in a sanctioned match against Matt Hardy; Billy, Chuck, Al Snow and Maven will have words
over the Tag Team straps; and Bradshaw will fight Scott Hall. Predictions: I'll be rooting for everybody.

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