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Lil' Flip OK after shooting, still plans to release album

Local Groove

Becky Proctor

Lil' Flip came on the scene and dazzled rap fans with "Diamondz in Yo Face," a hit single by fellow rapper C-Note featuring the new young star. 

Photo courtesy of Sucka Free Records

Lil' Flip is recovering in the hospital from a recent shooting. The rapper still plans to release his next album in July.

The newcomer, who received his name from his ability to flip his style, possesses lyrical talents unknown to many until his flow on ESG's "Realest
Rhyming" ignited his local success.

The young rapper began promoting his flow on countless Screw tapes to keep his name and abilities in the minds of Houston's rap audience. 

After Flip's 20-minute flow at the Wax in 1999, the late, legendary DJ Screw crowned him the FreeStyle King and his career skyrocketed.

His fellow rhymers, A.P., Red, Big Frank and Humpty Hump, began the group H.S.E. (Hustlers Stacking Ends) and dropped an album by the same
name on Sucka Free Records, where Hump and Lil' Flip both serve as chief executive officers. Flip also dropped a solo album, Leprechaun, in 2000
featuring the hot single "I Can Do That," which conquered the southern region's airwaves.

Ultimately, his breakout hit brought him recognition from major distributors who were looking to sign the up-and-coming star, but Flip chose the
independent route after he said he felt some offers were insulting.

The decision allowed Sucka Free to sell 100,000 copies independently, impressing Loud Records, which solicited Flip's talents. Lil' Flip heeded to its
request, but not without the control and freedom any artist would love to have from a major label.

Lil' Flip has become known as that braided-up rapper sporting the platinum grill with a throwed freestyle. The popular rapper has lent his talents to
many collabos, including ESG' s "Buy the Car, Buy the House" and Yungster's "Grippin Grain," and the artist is also known for his numerous
underground tapes.

Flip is also featured on a collabo with other DJ Screw mourners paying tribute on an album called Forever and a Day with his song "Still Banging."

Lil' Flip continued to stay in the public's eye with a hip-hop brawl with local rapper and former mic sharer ESG. After accusations of ESG stealing Flip's
lyrics, ESG referred to Lil' Flip as the Free Style Queen, which has sparked more opportunities for lyrical battles.

Despite Flip's recent brush with death after a random act of violence where he was shot and hospitalized, he plans to continue his reign as rapper and
entrepreneur with the release of his next album, Underground Legend, in July and hot new freestyles on his popular underground collection.

The Sucka Free family will perform this weekend in Galveston for the Texas Beach Party. If you can't get to Galveston, then check out Ginuwine at
Platinum City on Friday or Luke of 2 Live Crew at the Tunnel.

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